Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are designed after a detailed discussion between the associates and managers of Hair Madness to keep equality maintained.

Please read all the valid points mentioned above, and if you found any Disagreement/Disapproval with one email us directly on the provided email address jasmine@hairmaddness.com.

1. Scope of Policies

Terms and Conditions policies are requested to be followed by the visitors and potential customers to keep the equality maintained.

2. Third-Party Linkage

Hair Madness doesn’t have any partnerships or links with third-party for external products, and if someone claims to be us, then let us know on email so we can take action against the accountable person.

Usually, similar companies and competitors do this activity o adding website URL for personal benefits and driving the customers to their business.

We don’t appreciate such activity, and that’s why we are looking for disapproval of any third party asking themselves to be our partners.

3. Data collected from Clients

Hair Madness is a salon that cares for its customers, and the data collected from them because we know it’s a crime to sell a person’s private data without knowing their prior concerns.

Hair Madness collects only casual information that is necessary for dropping the package. Otherwise, we never ask for any medical or sensitive data that might hurt the privacy concerns.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Number
  • Card Details
  • Order History
  • Email Address
  • Postal Code
  • City

4. Disapproval with Policies

Hair Madness cares about its customers, and the goal of designing all the policies was to eliminate discrepancies and vulnerabilities from customers.

If anyone from the client panel wants to oppose any policy or disagreement with that, they can send us their concerns at jasmine@hairmaddness.com.

5. Amendments

Hair Madness doesn’t allow anyone to make changes in the website content and images without the permission of their associates.

If anyone tries to get into the internal data and do fraud with the potential customers, then we will apply legal court allegations on them.

6. Privacy Policies

If you want to grab information about privacy policies, then read it an,d in case of any queries, drop a message at  jasmine@hairmaddness.com.