Privacy Policy

Hair Madness is a hair salon offering various hair extension products, and it’s the inherent right of any salon to protect their customer’s privacy and concerns.

Please read all the valid points mentioned above, and if you found any Disagreement/Disapproval with one email us directly on the provided email address

1. Scope of the Policies

Privacy policies are requested to be followed by the visitors and potential customers to keep the equality maintained.

2. Validation of Data

All the data that a customer provides is saved in our internal database, and we monitor the activities done from the corporate account. Our domestic workers ensure the validation and authenticity of the client’s provided data to avoid any fraud act.

3. Cancellation of Order

There are various conditions when the services are canceled for a specific customer.

  • Hair Madness has delivery services for the ease of customers. If the delivery is done even after three days continuous due to the wrong address, then this leads to termination of the related client.
  • Hair Madness Drivers always call the client to ensure their availability and then reach them for product delivery. If the customer doesn’t pick the call for two days, this leads to the cancellation of an order.
  • Hair Madness never compromises on misbehaving attitude with the workers and riders, and if any clients do that so strict actions applied to them with cancellations of order.

4. Copyrights

Hair Madness has all the information, images, and Logo designs legally recognized and registered from the court. We take care of our data and never make any step that might damage the intellectual property of any third-party website.

If our representatives found any individual copying the data available on our website, and selling it with their name, then we will take them to court for legal action as this comes in unethical activities. (Breach of Information)

5. Intellectual Rights

We ensure our customers that their data will not go out, and we don’t sell their data for a marketing campaign in return for some money.

In return, we want our customers to stay loyal to our intellectual properties and take no initiative to damage it like,

  • Amendments
  • Trying to edit data
  • Hacking
  • Fraud
  • Phishing

6. Return/Refund Policy

Hair Madness try their level best to convey the best services, and product without any issue that the condition of return occur but in case, there comes a possibility of a refund then these are the conditions,

  • The product is packed.
  • The product is not damaged.
  • The product is in its actual condition.
  • The product doesn’t have any scratch marks.
  • The claim should be made within seven days of purchase.

7. Warranties

We don’t provide any warranties of the offer information. Only Hair Madness is liable to modify, change, or rephrase the policies; otherwise, any external party is not responsible for exchanging it with any third-party and doing amendments in the available plans.