Hair Tips

Pre Install

–¬†Shampoo/cleanse your hair extensions before you install tem.

-Let your Hair Maddness extensions air dry



-It is recommended to use the “fold over” method when installing your bundles. Only cut your wefts when necessary.

-Weft sealing is not required, but if desired we recommend using a quality weft sealer.

-Brush you hair thoroughly to remove any loose hairs before styling.


Bed Time Care

Curly, kinky coils, and deep wave textures

-Before bed put hair in one big ponytail (Pineapple it) and wear a satin scarf or bonnet.

Wavy/straight Textures

-Before bed braid hair into a loose braid and wear a bonnet or satin scarf.

-Style with flexi rods and wear a bonnet for easy heatless styling options